Tortillas La Mixteca, like a big warm hug from family

Tortillas Mixteca, where have you been my whole life? They are chewy, savory, and crispy-edged in all the best possible ways. They’re a warm hug for your favourite taco fillings. They will turn an average Taco Tuesday into the Best Dinner Ever. Seriously.

One of the biggest reasons that Tortillas Mixteca hold such a special place in our heart is because they remind us of family. You can close your eyes and just picture your mom and dad making a batch of corn tortillas to eat with a bowl of frijoles and chile topped with queso fresco.

Tortillas Mixteca are extremely versatile and can be eaten in so many different ways. As a taco, a quesadilla, a burrito, a simple side used to soak up delicious saucy dishes.

Enjoy the freshly baked taste of Tortillas La Mixteca. Soft and delicious, our tortillas are great for all kinds of meals and snacks, from soft tacos to enchiladas and fajitas to chilaquiles.